Laser Light™ intends to deploy its global High Articulation Optical Network, known as HALO™, which will consist of a converged all optical system of satellite, terrestrial fiber, and Software Defined – Wide Area networks (SD-WAN’s). HALO Network management will be performed by its patented dynamic, optical operating system, StarBeam™, which will determine Best Route, Best Latency for its SpaceCable™ data customers.

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  • An ALL Optical Satellite System (OSS) comprised of an 8 -12 satellite constellation in a Medium Earth Orbit, initially offering 7.2 Tbps of service capacity, with 48, 200Gbps, inter-satellite links, and 72, 100Gbps steerable, satellite up/down service links.
  • Inherent Operating Efficiencies and global access footprint of satellite, mitigating the need for costly terrestrial networks undersea or across continents.
  • An Extended Ground Network (XGNS) of proprietary design, and fully-integrated with regional fiber based Software Defined technology, “end-to-end”, to ensure spatial diversity foralternative routing to achieve Best Latency, Best Route options avoiding changing atmospheric conditions.
  • Delivery of Optical Satellite as a Service - “OSaaS”-“SpaceCable™”, for customers located in 20-25 SD-WAN’s, globally, with 100 Points of Presence.“SpaceCable™” offerings including individual 100Gbps Global Access Circuits, dedicated, tier 1, carrier grade, and HALO Direct Connect™ service permitting customer to self-provision to any Point of Presence on the HALO Network, including control of size, timing, and distribution of their data.